Broughtonia - Species and Hybrids


Broughtonia sanguinea
v. aurea 'Yellow Finch'

Broughtonia Species

Sentinel has specialized in Broughtonia species and hybrids since 1980. They are all warm growing and are very rewarding in the quality and length of time that the plants can be in flower. Plants grow quickly during the warmer months. On sunny days they enjoy being watered in the morning and drying out by late afternoon. Applications of low nitrogen fertilizers every two weeks are beneficial during the growing season. Treatments of lime water (one teaspoon per gallon) three times a year during main growing cycle will keep plants healthy and robust. Maintain temperatures above 60 degrees in winter to avoid plants going into complete rest. To avoid salt buid-ups, I recommend reslabbing every three years. Almost all plants offered are large multiple bulbed, blooming sized or bloomed plants. All marginal flowering types are discarded. All species plants are cork mounted and grown warm in moderately high light. Final quality cannot be determined until second to third blooming. For more information and pictures (P- AOS), refer to the AMERICAN ORCHID SOCIETY BULLETIN of December, 1987, Broughtonia sanguinea and its Hybrids, author Mark N. Werther.
(cs) = collected species.

Broughtonia negrilensis. $40.00
Several Sentinel crosses utilizing - 'Sentinel' JC/AOS, 'Moose' HCC/AOS, & 'H.W.' Flowers in Spring with branching inflorescences of tubular 2" pink flowers with darker pink lips with extraordinary purple markings. Very vigorous plants. Many of the seedlings are producing flowers as good or better than the awarded parents. Extremely high quality P-AOS-1245.

Bro. negrilensis 'Sentinel' JC/AOS. $200.00
Extremely dark color, large lip and good form, breeder. (cs).

Bro. sanguinea ('A&M' pink x 'Brian's Find'). $50.00
All have been soft to hot pink with many white and pink bicolors. Many have varying amounts of striping and flaring in petals. Very limited.

Bro. sanguinea 'Brian's Find' HCC/AOS. 78 pts. 6/19/96. $200.00
One of the most outstanding broughtonias in existence. 1 1/2" full stars. Sepals and petals hot pink with notable fuchsia darts. White centrally. Full flat hot pink lip with bright fuchsia lineage. A proven breeder with progeny far superior in form and color to any other clone utilized.. Extremely fast growing and easy to form specimens. (cs).

Bro. sanguinea aurea. Selected. $100.00. Good forms. $40.00
Plants from ('Carmen Gauntlet' x 'Yellow Star'). A very high quality cross. One of group received an 83 pt. AM/AOS. Please note that all of the aurea forms open very full and then fenestrate with age. The best forms are more closed.

Bro. sanguinea. Inquire on availability of other varieties.


Broughtonia Hybrids

To get an overview on the broughtonia complex read the article in the December, 1987 AOS Bulletin. Sentinel has selected varieties over the years that are consistent performers. We look for high quality flowers, ease of growth, clean growth and multi-flowering per year. Sentinel has at least 16 awards in the Broughtonia complex. Plants are grown under bright light conditions with good air movement with most in clay pots with an open mix. In general, plants grown in pots, grow out of their pots in less than two years and will flower each time they establish new growths. It is common to have plants in this group flower four times per year.

Broughtonia Seagulls Jamaica (Jamaicensis). $40.00
(Broughtonia sanguinea x Broughtonia negrilensis). This Sentinel cross has been a real surprise. Negrilensis sized flolwers flattened by the sanguinea with medium to dark pink and bicolor coloration with intense dark pink purple lip markings. Slabbed.

Ctna. Aquarius. $50.00 Selected varieties - inquire
(C. Penny Kuroda 'Spots' HCC/AOS x Broughtonia sanguinea). A Sentinel cross. We maintained only about 20% of the best growing of the cross. Interesting results from bicolor pinks to spots, stripes and flares. Floewering 4 - 5" pots.


Ctna. Brandi 'O.C.' AM/AOS. $50.00
(Ctna. Rosy Jewel x Ctna. Keith Roth). 2" flat very full purplish-red flowers with dark reddish lip with notable yellow striations. Normal 8 flowers per inflorescence.

Ctna. Capri 'Lea' AM/AOS . $80.00.
(Ctna. Jamaica Red x C. intermedia). Spectacular. One of best Ctna. hybrids ever made. Went off the market a few years ago and Sentinel has been dividing selected forms (mericlone shift) to increase stock. Clusters of 2 1/2" tri-color full formed flowers. Branched inflorescenses can have 16 flowers. Hot pink petals almost totally splashed reddish-purple with white central dart. Broad reddish-purple and white lip with yellow under column. Very prolific.


Ctna. Cherry Vanilla 'Lea' AM/AOS. $70.00
(Ctna. Breathless x Bro. sanguinea). Clusters of spectacular colored full white stars with fuchsia flares and stripes on petals and fuchsia marked lip. Often branching inflorescences. (2).

SPECIAL: Ctna. Claret 'Sentinel' AM/AOS - 80 pts. $125.00
Compact 12" high plants that produce tall spikes of up to 10, 3" brilliant lacquered red flowers of excellent form. Grows incredibly fast. We selected the best and discarded all others. P-AOS-1252. 5 - 6" pots.


Ctna. Jamaica Red
(Ctna. Keith Roth x Broughtonia sanguinea). Sentinel has flowered probably twenty five Jamaica Reds. We selected and maintain what we consider the best in existence. Our plants produce award quality flowers on very large branched inflorescences. P-AOS-1241.These are all original divisions, not mericlones.
'Sentinel's 9.0' $75.00. Very vigorus plant with clusters of 1" flowers. One plant available.
'Sentinel' HCC/AOS. $100.00
'Karrie' AM/AOS. $150.00. Very limited.

Ctna. Maui Maid 'December Bride' AM/AOS. $100.00
(C. Hawaiian Variable x Bro. sanguinea). Fine white form. P-AOS-1256. 3 - 3 1/2" pots.



Ctna. Mem. Henry Goldberg 'Sentinel 2'. $40.00
(Ctna. Keith Roth x Ctna. Why Not). Clusters of red flowers that look like round Jamaica Reds. Fine form. 4" pots.

Ctna. Orglades' Little Lover 'Sentinel's Choice' HCC/AOS. $250.00
2" full tricolored flowers - up to 15 on an inflorescence. Pink sepals flused light raspberry. Petals and lip fuchsia with petal flared internally yellow.

Ctna. Rosy Jewel 'Maili'. $60.00 - $75.00
(C. bowringiana x Broughtonia sanguinea). First registered Cattleytonia and still one of the best - high quality and consistent. Large heads of 10 flowers or more - 2 1/2" flat lavender with darker lip. Makes specimens quickly. P-AOS-1249.



Ctna. Why Not $40.00
One of finest Ctna. cross ever made. Compact plants with branched spikes of brilliant red flowers and yellow centers. All are exhibition quality, some award quality.

Epicatonia Jamaica Jewel (Psych. atropurpurea x Ctna. Jamaica Red) 'Sentinel II' HCC/AOS. $75.00
Superior breeding. 28" tall inflorescence with cluster of up to 16 red 2 1/2" flowers. Looks like a large slightly open Jamaica red. Broad flat lip. Chunky plants only 10" in height with broad leaves. Ideal for specimen culture. As plants get fuller, they produce branching spikes. 5" & 6" pot.


Hasegawaara Scully's Tipperary 'Sentinel's Ruby' AM/AOS. $250.00
(Pot. Amangi x Ctna. Keith Roth). The reddest of the red 3" beautifully shaped flowers in clusters. 4 - 5" pots. Not as fast growing as most Ctna's.

Hasegawaara Red Stella 'Hawaii'. $40.00
(Pot. Coral Queen x Ctna. Keith Roth). This has very high potential. Compact, clean, nicely growing plants which produce flat 3 - 4" red flowers with a salmon undertone. Lip has a yellow central flush. .




Laeliacatonia Mary Kimi 'Lakeland'. $40. - $50.00
(Lc. Hawaiian Flare x Ctna. Keith Roth). 12 - 14" high plants. 15" inflorescence with cluster of 2 3/4" bright electric purple lip and darted petals with light colored spals. Very vigorous. 4" - 6" pots.

Laeliacatonia Red Minx 'Sentinel'. $60.00
(Lc. Rojo x Bro. sanguinea). Clusters of up to 10 brilliant red 2" flowers. Very good form considering the Rojo. Compact plant to 10".

SPECIAL: Laeliacatonia Roy Fields 'Fuchs' $100.00
(Lc. Mattie Shave x Ctna. Keith Roth). This 1975 cross was the first large Broughtonia hybrid and is still one of the best with 4" dark reddish purple full Cattleya type flowers. Recently threw out the 'Whiskey Creeks' - just did not grow properly. Fuchs variety - unusual as it is more fuchsia than red.Survivor from Fuchs nursery from Hurricane Andrew. Likely that this plant is not available elsewhere.

Lioponia Kingston alba 'Sentinel' and '#1'. $100.00
(Laeliopsis domingensis x Broughtonia sanguinea aurea). Long inflorescences with many 2" pure white flowers with open tubular lips with yellow centers. Mounted - easy to grow. Plants stay in flower for several months. Propogated select.

SPECIAL: Otaara Jane Fumiye (Ctna. Keith Roth x Blc. Lucky Strike). 4" lavender flowers with darker purple lips. Small faring on petals.
Very prolific grower. Award quality. Branched infloresences with up to ten flowers. 5 - 6" pots.
'Fine'. $50.00
'Sentinel ll'. $50.00
'Superb AM/AOS'. $200.00


Otaara Maili's Surprise (Ctna. Keith Roth x Blc. Waikiki Gold). These have been selected over many years for consistent performance. '12/8/87' and 'Sentinel's Tricolor' have 3" rose sepals and petals with vibrant marked dark pink lip with yellow center. 'Burnt Orange' is a smaller plant with orangish flowers and plants show some spotting on older growths.. P-AOS-1251.

'Sentinel's Rose', 'Sentinel's Tricolor'. $70.00


SPECIAL: Tetratonia Dark Prince 'Sentinel'. $70.00 (Broughtonia sanguinea x Tetramicra canaliculata). We have maintained few Tetratonias. Most do not flower well for the size of the plant and we did not like the way most grew. 'Sentinel is an exception. Clusters of flat 1" pinkish purple red flowers with broad flat lips. Fast grower, forms specimens quickly. Received two CCM's to date. Plants offered were divided and slabbed over a year ago and are growing quicly. A great variety. Only four divisions available.


Contact for other selected divisions. Sentinel will be dividing and reslabbing all of its sanguineas and repotting the hybrids. There are also many divisions of plants not listed. Let us know what you are looking for and we can probably fill your request.